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Free Telephone Support. We provide free support by landline telephone.

Free Text Support. We provide free support by mobile telephone text.

No Fix - No Fee. If we cannot fix the problem, there will be no charge at all.

No Call Out Fee. There will be no call out fee within 5 miles of Great Barr.

No Fixed Hourly Rate. The hourly rate is based on the type of work to be done, non-technical £10.00 per hour. Technical work is more expensive based on the type of work.

Repairs. All computers and peripherals.

Software Upgrades. Computer and laptop upgrades - Windows XP to Windows 10.

Hardware Upgrades. Computer and laptop hardware upgrades, including memory, disk drives, HDD to SSD etc.

New Equipment. We can provide new computers, either off the shelf, or built to order, new laptops, printers and peripherals.

Systems and Networks. We can install new systems, and repair existing systems, including networks, servers, cabling etc.

Website Support. We can design, maintain, and implement websites to the client's requirements.

This PC system board needs cleaning

The photo to the left is typical of the condition of a PC system board that we see all too often. This machine was quite old, probably three or four years, and needed a clean out after 6 months. The dust collects, and can cause damage to the PC, or even cause a fire in the most extreme cases.

Although Personal Computers suffer with this type of problem a lot, it is more noticeable in laptops, because there is very little space inside the case. The dust and debris collects much more quickly, and can completely block the air vents. This causes the Central Processing Unit (CPU) to overheat. As the CPU gets hotter, the operating system slows the machine down, to reduce the heat generated. Inevitably, this continues, until the machine can no longer function, and it switches off to prevent serious damage, or, in extreme cases, damages the system board permanently.

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